Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who is Wild Child and Freya's Bower?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Marci Baun, editor-in-chief of Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower.

In 1999, I started Wild Child Publishing with my then-roommate because, at that time, there was very little well-edited, well-written, and entertaining reading material on the web. Our search for quality reading material hasn't stopped since that September, and we have explanded WCP from a magazine to an e-book publisher. We have been recognized by Writer's Digest for our quality as one of the 101 Best Web Sites 2005, and frequently receive emails from happy contributors thanking us for our editing suggestions and friendliness. Even our rejections are nice.

Why? Because all of us are writers or people who realize how difficult the writing profession can be. We don't think it's necessary to insult someone even if we do not accept their material. We firmly believe that if we help one another out, all of us will do better in the long run.

What's our editing style?

1. Praise what is working;
2. Point out what doesn't work, inconsistencies, etc;
3. Do our best to enhance the story, making it the best possible story it can be.

What we won't do:

1. Try to change your writing style because we understand it's style that makes all of our material unique. However, if we feel the style interferes with the telling of the tale, we will point this out and encourage you to find ways to fix it using your voice.
2. Rewrite the piece for you. Afterall, it is your tale.

Who is Freya's Bower?

We are strictly an erotica and romance e-book publisher. We are interested in quality stories that are:

1. Plot driven romances with happy, or at the very least hopeful, endings and varying degrees of sex, depending on the classification of the story.
2. Heroes and heroines we can relate to. We want to see an arc of development in the characters throughout the story. Shorter stories must be tightly crafted for this reason.
3. Sex scenes must be relevant to the plot and organic to the story. If a scene can work without sex, then the sex isn't necessary and best left out.
4. Light bondage. This is acceptable as long as all parties are willing.
5. Titillating, passionate, well-written gay, lesbian and heterosexual stories.
6. We prefer third person stories.

For more information on what we want in our submissions, please visit our submission guidelines.

I hope to see more of you in the future.

Marci Baun


Shesawriter said...


I'll put a link on my blog the next time I update my index.


WCP/FB said...

Thank you!!!

Angelle Trieste said...


Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I'll put a link to this when I do the link whore post. :)

Kit Wylde said...

I can attest that this is a wonderful publisher. They are publishing my book. (Yippee!)


Anonymous said...

That does sound wonderful :)