Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SHE'S GOT LEGS available this weekend!

Hey everyone! My name is Amanda Brice and I'm happy to announce that my chick lit Bites SHE'S GOT LEGS will be available this weekend, just in time for 4th of July poolside reading! :)

Here's the blurb:

Daria Wyatt didn’t want to go to her fifteen-year high school reunion. Although she has blossomed from a wallflower into a powerful Capitol Hill attorney, she knew seeing those girls in person wouldn’t exactly do wonders for her self-esteem. If only her younger sister Kara hadn’t insisted she go. Giving in to shut her sister up, Daria borrows Kara’s high heels in an effort to jumpstart her confidence. But in her rush to get out the door, she picks up the wrong pair, a butt-ugly purple platform creation with bright green sequins…

Greg McCauley can’t believe his bad luck. He finally meets a beautiful, intelligent, intriguing, confident woman, but she rushes off before he can get her number. He knows he should put her out of his mind, but there’s just something about her. Those lips, those eyes, those legs, those crazy shoes…

A little about myself. I'm a government attorney in the Washington, DC area, working on intellectual property issues. I've been writing since I was a little girl but my dad convinced me to "do something practical with my life" so I went to law school instead. I finally came back to fiction writing as I was engaging in a little procrastination to take me away from having to write a paper on the patentability of indigenous medicinal methods (snore!). I decided that chick lit was much more fun to write than contracts and pleadings, so here I am!

Anyway, I'm running my first-ever contest to celebrate my first-ever release, so send me a quick email to by 11:59 EST, Friday, June 30 with the subject line "contest entry" for a chance to win a free download of SHE'S GOT LEGS.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Friendly Fire now available!

Hey y'all! I'm Loribelle Hunt and I write suspense, military, and paranormal erotic romance for the most part. I'm excited to announce that my Bites, Friendly Fire, are now available!

Just home from an overseas deployment, Brad has doubts about his wife’s interest in continuing their marriage. Will a chance encounter with a bullet shell that gives glimpses of the man’s life it took change his mind?

Twice In a Lifetime
Janine has loved two soldiers in her life, but she has kept the first a secret from her new husband. When a bullet shell with visions gives him a crash course in her past love life, will it strengthen or end their young marriage?

I also write for Cobblestone Press and you can find out all about me and my work on my website and blog. ;)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Last Call for Entries - "Glass Magic" Giveaway

There's still time to enter my contest for a free copy of Glass Magic!

Simply go to my mailing list and sign up.

One of my CPs will pick the winning name tomorrow night (June 27th)!

Good luck to one and all!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Shameless Plug Ahead! Aurora's Passion is a Recommended Read!

A new review just in!

Jasmina Vallombrosa of TCM says Aurora's Passion is "Definitely a recommended read..."

Check out the complete review HERE!

Check out my website or blog for more information about Aurora's Passion and my upcoming books.

Don't forget! Only 7 days left in my June Blog Contest!

Friday, June 16, 2006

TCM Review

Another review for KAYLA FINDS HER WAY- from TCM

Jasmina Vallombrosa says: The characters come to life as the plot keeps the reader thoroughly entertained. The sexual scenes were quite creative and enticing. Ms. Lee has shown us her talent; now we must anxiously look forward to her next work.

Read the entire review HERE.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bebe's June Blog Contest

To celebrate the release of Aurora's Passion, I'm giving away a Frankie & Johnnie Essentials handbag this month.Enter the contest by sending an email through the contact page o­n my website or by posting a comment o­n my blog. The purse would be fabulous with jeans or capris. It comes with a change purse, a folding umbrella and a hard eyeglass case.

As an extra bonus, if you blog about Aurora's Passion, you'll also be entered in the Taste of Aurora's Passion giveaway.LOTS of yummy goodness: Norwegian and Swedish chocolate, Anna's Thin cookies, Raspberry Drops, Sparkling Cider. It's a sampling of the best Scandinavian treats! Thanks and good luck!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Blog Q&A

Every Friday I will be holding a Q&A session on my blog: Guilty Pleasures.

Don't be shy. Ask me a question, and I'll post the answers on Monday.

Glass Magic's 1st Review

Glass Magic's first review is out, and M.E. Ellis awarded 4 stars!! "These stories are both amusing and erotic. I would highly recommend them for a light-hearted read that gives you a sense of happiness that true love can, and does exist."

Read the complete review here.

Buy Glass Magic here.

Enter my celebratory contest! All you have to do is sign up on my mailing list to have a chance for a free copy of Glass Magic! One of my wonderful CP's will pick the winner at our weekly writing night on Tuesday, June 27th and I'll announce the winner on my blog!

News: I'll be participating in my first ever Author Chat on Sunday, June 11th on the Ebooklove chat list. Join several of your favorite Freya's Bower authors for lots of fun and great giveaways!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shout out to other Bites authors

Hi everyone. I just thought I'd share this link: Romance Junkies Book Club.

They have over 1,200 members, and they do promote erotica authors. Subscribe to the group and contact Dorine, their book club coordinator, for more information.

If you come across any other links, do share!
Edited to add:
Got my first review! Michele Ellis says: Gems. That’s what these stories are. Very enjoyable, and so well written. Top marks to Kis Lee.

Read the entire review HERE.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Aurora's Passion Gets 4 Stars from Romance-Central

My first review is up on the net. Yay! Aurora's Passion got 4 stars.

Rene at Romance-Central says "It seems rare for an erotic story to have such a sweet feel to it... A charming story, Aurora's Passion is a quick and pleasant read...
...Ms. Thomas is a true romantic at heart."

Can you tell I'm thrilled? Stop by Romance-Central to read the complete text.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SWORD OF REGRET - Steamy Vampire Fun!

Greetings, everybody! I'm Heather, aka H.A. Fowler, writer of paranormal romance, dark fantasy, erotica and horror, and I'm proud to announce the release of my Freya's Bower Bites, called SWORD OF REGRET!

What if there was a weapon that could rekindle the conscience of a killer? When a vicious vampire and a ruthless vampire hunter touch just such an artifact in these two dark erotic tales, the relationships between humans and immortals could be changed... forever.

M.E. Ellis says "I could see everything that was described, and, let me tell you, some of it nearly scorched my eyes! Phew! Hot stuff!"

Don't miss it!

I also write an ongoing dark fantasy serial for Inara Press, called THE VEIL -- it's the story of an odd couple -- hard-boiled vampire cop Devon Harrigan, and pampered human priestess Helene DuSolaire, and their quest to save the world from being overrun by monsters from another dimension. Called "A Unique Combination of Fantasy, Adventure and Romance" by Wantz Upon a Time Reviews, THE VEIL is the cure for the "Oh, great, another paranormal..." blues!

To find out more about my work, stop by my website: and join the mailing list!


Hi! My name is Lili B. Adams, and my Bites "Bellissima" got published one week ago. I admit I'm a little bit late, but as stories usually don't come with a best before date I hope that's okay. :-)

"Bellissima" is my first ebook publication, and I'm really excited about it (well, who would have thought *g*). First of all, I want to say how much I love the cover, but you have probably noticed yourself that the covers at Freya's Bower are all very special and absolutely wonderful. :-)

"Bellissima" and the second story in this volume, "Taming Claire", tell the stories of two American women in Italy:

Amy and Claire travel to Italy to celebrate Amy's birthday. Amy comes looking for a special birthday treat, but she's unsure if she can follow her resolve.
Claire, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants from her holiday: Italian men. Lots of them. The only problem: Ben Hunter, the annoyingly persistent American tourist she can't seem to shake.
Will they find what they want?

You can read an excerpt from each story here.
While each stands on their own, the stories complement each other and form one whole. I had a really good time writing about shy Amy and bold Claire, and I hope you will have fun reading about their adventures.

To learn more about my stories and myself, please come and visit my website. Enjoy the pink clouds while they last. I'm working on a dark vampire story right now, and I fear their days are numbered. *g*

Monday, June 05, 2006

Kayla Finds Her Way - coming soon

Hello, everyone! I'm Kis Lee, and my Bites book will be released on June 12th. (I know my blurb is early, but I'm excited.) My book is a collection of erotic stories with Western flavor. My writing leans more towards "erotic" than "romance," so be prepared for some sizzling words.

Sneak preview:
Love and War in Lost River: 1873 – In a small cabin near Lost River, California, Jim and Lois Campbell prepare for the upcoming war against the Modoc tribe. Jim will soon join his militia company in a surprise attack against the neighboring warriors. As the conflict grows closer, Lois tries to convince her husband to quit the militia.

Kayla Finds Her Way: Twenty-year-old Kayla feels trapped in the dusty, sleepy town of Alturas, California. Stuck in a dead end job cleaning motel rooms, she daydreams about leaving Alturas behind. Then, she meets John Blacksmith, the handsome new owner of her motel. Tall, sexy John might be the cure for Kayla’s restlessness.
Stop by and say hello on my blog. Write on...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Aurora's Passion by Bebe Thomas

Hi everyone! I'm Bebe Thomas, and Aurora's Passion is my Bites e-book from Freya's Bower.

Kris Anderssen is having a bad week. She lost her dream job and her lover on the same day and is in danger of losing her swanky New York apartment. She's regrouping by spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Aurora, her hometown. It's anything but relaxing. Her grandmother won't stop talking about the Northern Lights, the goddess Freya, and Norwegian folklore. Plus, Kris is more conflicted than ever, finding herself caught in a love triangle between her hot former boyfriend and her sexy best friend. She has feelings for each man; how can she possibly choose between them?

Want to read more? Click here for a excerpt. Or here to buy the book. It will be the best $2.00 you spend all day!

And please feel free to stop by my blog or website. My new contest starts tomorrow. You won't want to miss this one!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Glass Magic, by Debbie Mumford

Hello, World! My name is Debbie Mumford and my "Bites" offering, Glass Magic, has just gone live on Freya's Bower.

I'm very excited to be here, and hope that you will enjoy reading about Red and his escapades.

Here's a taste of each story:

The Ghost in the Glass -
Interior Designer Maureen McBride never expected to get a faery when she ordered antique Irish glass for the windows of the mansion she’s decorating, but if he doesn’t kill her first, the trickster’s games may just give her the greatest gift of her life.

Red’s spirits lifted and he pressed his nose against his glass prison and stared hungrily across the room. Yes! The snooty female stood mere feet from him, making notes with a black stylus on a small tablet. Oh, she would do nicely. Tall for a female, she possessed delectable curves and flaming red hair. The hair settled his malicious intent. She wore it pulled back in a severe knot, but escaping tendrils confirmed his impression of long, riotous curls. The perfect scapegoat.

Now, he needed a man. He flowed to the right edge of his prison and inspected the fingers carefully pushing his glass into place. This one had felt Red’s flame when his unprotected flesh touched the surface of Red’s prison. He sniffed. Ah, of course, Celtic blood -- and a connection already established. Red rolled across his glass in a series of exuberant somersaults, glad to be alive for the first time in ages.

Red's Bower -
Famed violinist Raymond O’Connor came to Flynn’s Bed and Breakfast seeking sanctuary to prepare for an important concert, but a night in Red’s Bower leads to the biggest decision of his life.

“Wait,” said the woman. She turned to face Ray, and he saw that her eyes were bright with an emotion he couldn’t identify. “I really think you should have this gentleman move your things upstairs to the room Maureen prepared for you.” She took a step closer to Ray, glanced toward the deck, and lowered her voice. “This room has a, well, um, a reputation. They say it’s haunted.”

Ray stared at her for a moment, but failed to see the expected glint of laughter in her eyes. He glanced around the room and said, “Ridiculous. This is a perfectly lovely room and I have no intention of racing up and down stairs all day.” He paid the cab driver and sent him on his way.

You Again?

We, the authors at Freya's Bower, have been given the opportunity to post here and tell people a little about ourselves, and about our writing. And I think we're all afraid to go first. Well, I've been feeling a little fatalistic the last couple days, so I'm stepping up first.
My name is Dayna Hart, and I have a bite out with Freya's Bower, called You Again. The title is from a saying that I use fairly regularly, with inflection in different places to suit my mood. When my kids come to ask for yet another snack. "Not you again," when they come for kisses: "You again?". It's fitting, not just for the stories, but personally.
These are 'sweet' bites, which means my Mom can read them without me worrying that she's going to start giving me 'that look'. The first story is about a musical industry wildchild named Cherry giving grief to a reporter. Cherry was a lot of fun to write about.
In the second story, the MC is great, but the hero-- I'm hoping to use him in another story somehow. He's a cowboy/psychiatrist. See? You are intrigued!

I'll be following up my bite with a couple of novellas, one of which is geared to debut the Valkyrie line. (Oh, no pressure, Dayna, no worries. Psh!) I hope to be able to post an excerpt soon, but since neither Marci or Faith have seen any of it would be a little presumptuous to do it today. :)

My bio...well, I'm 29 years old, and I have three children. All boys. When I'm not writing, I'm either renovating my 150 year old farmhouse (or adding lists to the hubby's to-do list) or I'm working one of a hundred different craft projects that I've started, but not finished. I love to garden, and when mosquito season is over (sometime this winter) I'll enjoy looking at the photos I've taken of my garden from behind the protection of a screen door.

That's all for now. It wasn't so scary...really.