Saturday, December 30, 2006

Romance at Heart's been good to me

What a lovely way to end 2006! I just got a fantastic review from Romance at Heart for She's Got Legs and also an interview! Not to mention the stellar review they gave for the Dreams & Desires anthology (I've got a story in there).

The review for She's Got Legs:

The interview:

The review for Dreams & Desires:

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Call for Submissions!

Freya’s Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

To celebrate our one-year anniversary on March 5, 2007, we’re having a call for submissions and offering a nice advance against royalties for the top two manuscripts that fit the following categories.

For general submissions, we’re looking for sweet and/or tangy erotic romance manuscripts of category length (30,001-45,000 words) and longer of any genre. See our guidelines for regular submissions and how we rate sweet and tangy:

For our T.R.O.U.B.L.E. line, we’re looking for sweet to beyond sizzling ratings for category length and longer only.

Out of the accepted manuscripts, two will be chosen to receive a publishing contract, a print version of the manuscript six months from eBook release date, and a nice advance against first royalties, which will be discussed upon signing the contract. One winning manuscript will be chosen from the sweet and/or tangy submissions and one will be chosen for our T.R.O.U.B.L.E. line. Second place manuscripts for each of these two categories will receive a smaller advance, but the print option will depend solely on eBook sales.

Other outstanding manuscripts will receive a publishing contract with Freya’s Bower.

T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Guidelines:
(For male or female protagonists)

She’s gorgeous and causes chaos wherever she goes. Perhaps she’s a klutz, a walking disaster. Maybe she has the worst luck imaginable.

For males: He’s dangerous. The bad boy you can’t help but love. Maybe he’s a chick magnet, or maybe he’s the guy flipping burgers at the local diner. Catastrophe and mayhem seem to follow him around.

Use your imagination for the trouble theme. Any ethnicity, any genre welcome.

Protagonists can also be characters such as Valkyries (for our Valkyrie series), werewolves, vampires, wallflowers, etc.

Category length and longer. (30,001-45,000 words.)

Ratings can be from sweet to beyond sizzling for the TROUBLE line, but we are very open to sweet submissions right now.

First person submissions must be well written.

Please read our guidelines for formatting and any questions you might have before submitting.

ATTN: We have also opened an Angels and Demons category. If the angel or demon fits the TROUBLE theme or the sweet and/or tangy rating, these novels are eligible for the top novel decisions.

Final words: Submissions may be semi-rough drafts, but please don’t send something to us that you obviously have not checked over at least once. The key is semi-rough. Send the entire manuscript attached as an MS Word file to with the word TROUBLE or SWEET/TANGY in the subject line.

Deadline for this call is February 20, 2007. If you have questions email Faith at or Marci at

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Join me at The Romance Studio!

Hello everyone! I'll be holding a live chat at The Romance Studio tomorrow, December 20th. It starts at 9pm (EST) and the link to the website is I'll have excerpts, snippets, contests and a lot of Christmas cheer! Bring a friend or several. I always hold a "sneaky-behind-the-scenes" contest. The winner of this one could be the first person to attend; someone who stayed during the entire chat; the one to bring the most friends with them; or, just about anything! I'll be talking about Beyond the Maze and The Goblin, The Witch, and the Single Girl, as well as my soon-to-be released The Learning Curve, which is the first book in my Yesterday's Innocence series of five full-length novels.

Hope to see you there!
Canice Brown-Porter

Friday, December 15, 2006

Excellent Reviews from Romance Divas

I'm so excited! C.C. from Romance Divas gave Glass Magic a fabulous 5 Kisses review!!

Ms. Mumford creates a devilishly wicked and wonderfully whimsical character in Red. His antics are humorous and the results are passionate and truly inspired. I have to say that I hope Red plans to play matchmaker again, since these delicious little “bites” from Freya's Bower are perfect treats for readers with a hectic schedule.

Check out her whole review here.

Buy Glass Magic here.

Woo Hoo!!!!! Oh!! And C.C. -- Red is the star of my Dreams & Desires story!!

And for my second piece of good news:

Another fabulous Romance Diva review! Ash Arceneaux gave Sorcha's Heart a 5 Kisses review!

This book is a wonderful addition to any fantasy collection. The characters, situation and conflicts were magical. The last page literally “popped” with a surprise that made me laugh out loud. Sorcha's Heart is a must-read!

Read Ash's whole review here.

Buy Sorcha's Heart here.

Woo Hoo!! Two 5 Kisses reviews for my books!!!!!! Let the cyber-champagne flow!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vote for Spirit of Dawn cover

Hey everyone!

This beautiful cover has been nominated as November's Cover of the Month. You can cast your vote here. Be sure to vote our very talented CoverVan.

Spirit of Dawn

Ashkii's wife and infant son died of smallpox, leaving him bereft, yet he must carry out his duties as eldest male of his Navajo clan. Jack Conover has lost faith in love and has resigned himself to a life alone on the ranch. In Spirit of Dawn and Angel of Dawn, each man is comforted by a mystical woman he discovers on the frontier. Who is she? Neither know, but she eases each man's heartache, allowing him to move forward with life.

Rating: Sweet

Book Length: Bites

Read excerpt

Buy Now!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Selling "used" ebooks

I am on a number of books discussing ebooks. Just last night, one of my lists alerted me to a couple of Word Press blogs that are selling “used” ebooks.

For those of you out there that don’t know, selling a copy of an ebook that you bought is illegal, as is buying a “used” ebook. It is copyright infringement. Buying an ebook does not give a person the right to sell it, give it away, or copy it. When a person does this, they not only break the law, but they hurt the author, the publisher, and readers. How it hurts the author and publisher is obvious, but what about the reader? Think about it, if the author is not making enough royalties from his/her books, she will not be able to write as many or may have to give up writing all together. And a number of publishers have closed their doors from people illegally sharing the ebooks they published. There are many talented authors out there who struggle, in part, because of this type of activity.

If you no longer want that ebook sitting on your PDA or computer, the best and only legal way to get rid of it is to delete it. If you wish to give someone an ebook, buy an extra copy and give it to them that way. Yes, it seems silly, but you will know you are supporting that author, allowing them to continue to write great tales that will amuse you for years to come.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Update on Dreams & Desires charity anthology

So, I sent the ARC for the charity anthology off to Romantic Times (RT) in hopes they would review it for the March issue. The contact for RT said that she didn't know if it would happen, but if I sent them a blurb for the book, perhaps that could go in. Of course, a review would be optimal, but I'll take a blurb if that's all they will give us. Still, I am pleased. I also sent out an ARC electronically to several online review sites. A number of them have been very supportive and have sent the book to a reviewer already. (I sent it out last night. That's a quick response.)

I am very appreciative at how supportive everyone is being. I know this is an important charity. I truly believe that when we band together, we can make a difference.