Thursday, May 31, 2007

After Seven Years

Dear Readers,

For nearly eight years, Wild Child Publishing has published a magazine. As some of you know, in January, I put the magazine on hiatus to make a decision on what I was going to do with it. Would I go subuscription only or continue in the same vein as I'd had it for the past seven and a half years. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the time for the magazine portion of Wild Child Publishing and will be closing for now. Perhaps some time in the future, we will re-open.

We will keep the following portions of the magazine available:

  • Interviews
  • Book Reviews (we will no longer write them, but you are welcome to submit a review.)
  • eBook Reviews
  • Movie Reviews

In conjunction, I have redesigned the site

I want to thank all of you for your support and submissions these past seven years. I would encourage you to continue to support us by buying our ebooks and print editions and submitting to our publishing venture.

May your writing and reading adventures be many and always exciting,

Marci Baun

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New reviews

Congratulations, F.R.R. Mallory, Emily Ryan-Davis, and Debbie Mumford! :)

Of Lilies, F.R.R. Mallory, erotica ebook, tangy, succubus, paranormal

Of Lilies by F.R.R. Mallory

"a unique twist and very vivid descriptions...a gripping short story..."

4 Moons from Marlene Breakfield
Reviewer for Mystique Books
Read entire review.

Read excerpt.
Buy Now!

Dragon Dance, Emily Ryan-Davis, erotica ebook, tangy, dragons, witches, paranormal

Dragon Queen: Book Two: Dragon Dance by Emily Ryan-Davis

"a very good read...a superb twist...very well written with excellent visuals... I am positively on read book three. I shall pray to the Muse of Emily Ryan-Davis that my wait should not be too long."

5 Champagne Flutes from Wilga Hill-Boomerang
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews
Read entire review.

Read excerpt.

Available May 29th!

Second Sight, Debbie Mumford, erotica ebook, tangy

Second Sight by Debbie Mumford

"an absorbing paranormal tale filled with suspense and passion... The characters were strong and well developed... Paranormal and erotica readers alike will not be able to put this one down."

4 Stars from Inez Daylong
Reviewer for Affaire de Coeur, May Issue 2007

Read excerpt.
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Congratulations, F.R.R. Mallory, Emily Ryan-Davis, and Debbie Mumford!

Marci Baun
Freya's Bower

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Submissions Call and Guidelines change

Chapter Book Submissions Call

Freya's Bower is starting a new line of chapter books. These are a series of three, or more, installments of an ongoing story. Each "chapter" must be 5000-6000 words in length. They will be released monthly. The story can be any heat rating, any genre, and can even incorporate any of our series (Goddess Freya, Valkyrie, T.R.O.U.B.L.E., Angels and Demons) Due to the length, they will not be given ISBN's and will have one cover for all installments with the exception of a minor change to distinguish each installment from the others. (i.e. Title one: The Southern Sting: Chapter One, title two: The Southern Sting: Chapter Two, and so on.)

To submit, include the first chapter in the body of the email text with "CHAPTER BOOKS" in the subject line. Also include a one-paragraph synopsis of the following installments planned for the story. Send your submissions to: submitATfreyasbowerDOTcom .

If you have questions email Faith at editorfaithATsbcglobalDOTnet or Marci at mbaunATfreyasbowerDOTcom.

Please read our guidelines for formatting and any questions you might have before submitting.

WCP will now consider novellas (30,000-50,000 words) for publication. In the past, we have only considered such short works on the rare occasion. However, I have decided to expand our catalog to include shorter works. Wild Child Publishing will continue to accept works of 50,000 words or greater as well. All mainstream genres are welcome as is non-fiction. Be sure to read our guidelines carefully. These are designed to make the submission process as quick and easy as possible and to ensure that submissions are handled expeditiously.

Unless stated otherwise, our ebook section is open to submissions all year round.

Marci Baun
Wild Child Publishing
Freya's Bower

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

POD Critic: Soul Haven - A Review

So wonderful! Sonja just received a lovely review from a tough reviewer. Three and a half points for Soul Haven. Well done, Sonja!

POD Critic: Soul Haven - A Review

And don't forget Sonja has a contest for this book. Enter while you can. :D

Sunday, May 06, 2007

D&D author Gemma Halliday's novels to be on TV!

I heard the BEST news today about Gemma Halliday, one of the super generous and talented authors who donated short stories for the DREAMS & DESIRES charity anthology. Her short story, Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit had charity anthology readers laughing out loud and clamoring for more, and her novels are even better!

Gemma Halliday's double RITA nominated novel, Spying in High Heels, is in development for a television series on the USA Network!!! It’s currently one of five new shows being developed for their fall 2007/2008 season. Spying in High Heels follows shoe designer Maddie Springer, who in an effort to track down her missing boyfriend, realizes that her knack for fashion also serves another purpose: it makes her a great detective. Maddie's uniquely female perspective helps her pick up clues, using her designer's eye to discern tell tale shapes, colors and patterns, among other things. Along with her best friend Dana, an out-of-work actress, Maddie decides to open a detective agency operating out of her stepfather's hair salon.

Not all shows in development make it to the air, but this one should! If you want to see Maddie and Ramirez on the small screen, write to the USA Network and tell them you heard about SPYING IN HIGH HEELS and can’t wait to watch it. Or, if you’ve read the book and liked it, tell them that, too! Contact the programming department at the USA

In the meantime, read up on Gemma's books, including Undercover in High Heels & Killer in High Heels.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Wild Child release

Dark Roads & The Boy in the Grey Tracksuit by J.G. Craig

Dark Raods

The passengers of a broken down bus in the lonely Highlands of Scotland are about to face the darkness...

Why is there a deserted village that looks for all the world like it was made of and moulded from plastic? Why do the passengers start to disappear one by one? And what are the strange manifestations that baffle the confused, remaining passengers?

Lost in an unearthly fog that never dissipates, fate will eventually find these people and take them to new lives or to the other side of death. But for some, fate also holds a cruel and unexpected hand.

Dark Roads. What road are you on?

The Boy in the Grey Tracksuit

Frank has a difficult life. High on meds most of the time, he goes through his day like a zombie, eating very little, smoking too much and bitching online to anyone who'll listen. Then something triggers a memory in Frank, a news report about a young local boy who's gone missing. As he staggers blindly along, trying to piece the mystery together, he is forced to confront a truth so soul destroying that it will take all of his mettle to accept it.

Genre: Horror
Length: Novel

Read an excerpt.

~ ~ ~

"Highly recommended and satisfying...Fresh and cold as death, Dark Roads feels like stepping off the pavement of your safe side street right into the 'Twilight Zone'..."

4.5 Cats by Lisa Tyler
Reviewer for Wild Child Publishing
Read entire review.

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1st Review for SECOND SIGHT

I'm having a great week.

Second Sight released yesterday (find it here).

Today the first review came in. White Russian gave Second Sight a rating of 5 Champagne Flutes and said:

A riveting read where the first sentence packs a punch and delivers the hook that had me gripped until the end. Some superb delivery lurks within the pages of Second Sight, along with excellent imagery ... My eyes tumbled over the sentences in a bid to read as quickly as I could ... Buy it and love it, readers. A solid and delightful read.

Read the entire review here.

And then, to top it all off, my son was written up in the Willamette Week as one of the top 10 new bands of 2007 in Portland, OR! Wow! Check out the article here (there's even an audio file).

Yep. That's my boy! Dragging An Ox Through Water ...

Definitely a great week!