Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Goddess Freya Series

We want serious writers of history, lore, and legends, who are meticulous about
researching their background info so that plots, characters, and settings are historically accurate.

Editor-in-chief, Marci G. Baun, and managing editor, Faith Bicknell-Brown, are looking
for writers who would like to base a novella, category, novel, plus novel or humongous
novel on the goddess Freya for a Freya e-book series.

Word Counts:
Novellas: 15,001-30,000 words
Category: 30,001-45,000 words
Novels: 45,001-70,000
Plus Novels: 70,001-100,000 words
Humongous Novels: 100,000 or more words

Due to the numerous Bites we are currently publishing, Bites based on the goddess Freya will be limited, so any writers interested in writing a Bite should query specifically to see if there is an opening.

All material MUST have Freya as an integral part of his or her plot. In other words, Freya need not be the protagonist, however without her, the story would fall apart.

A deadline for the first rough draft will be discussed with the writer, depending on the writer's current projects, day job, etc.

If interested, contact Faith at this address: editorfaith at sbcglobal dot net to discuss writing credentials, publications, and writing samples.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

We're Proud to Announce A New Author

Zinnia Hope's erotic fantasy novella is available at www.freyasbower.com!!!

This novella has been reviewed HERE.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


PERVALISM by M.E. Ellis will make you think twice about turning the light off after reading it.

Check it out! If you dare! Available at Wild Child Publishing.

You still have until midnight April 22nd to send in your writing samples for Bites for Freya's Bower. Check out the post below.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Do you have what it takes to write Bites for Freya’s Bower? We’re willing to give you the plot ideas too! Or, if you prefer, present your idea to us, and if we like it, you've got a deal!

If you’d like to give this a try, read on because Freya’s Bower wants to see what you’ve got.

We are looking for authors to write Bites for specific erotic or erotic romance categories. They are:

Paranormal Romance

Military Themed Novels


Chick Fiction








Time Travel



Interested parties must choose his or her category above and submit a writing sample of no more than 500 words of your best prose. If you are accepted, we will provide you with a plot and protagonist prompt. Each accepted author must sign an agreement for both first/rough draft and final draft deadlines of said manuscript.

All accepted writers will be offered the standard 40% royalty contract with Freya’s Bower; however, the first four accepted writers will also receive a brand new copy of a writer’s book, either paperback or hardcover. In addition, the first, and only the first accepted author, will receive not only one of the titles below, but a nice writer’s journal and gel pen set. The titles awarded are:

Novelist’s Essential Guide to Creating Plot by J. Madison Davis
Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes by J. Madison Davis
The Writer’s Digest Writing Clinic, Expert Help for Improving Your Work
Keys to Great Writingby Stephen Wilbers

Calls for entries are open now and close midnight, April 22nd.

What are Bites?

Bites are collections of two short, short stories with an underlying theme running throughout both stories. Whether that theme is the same protagonist name for both stories, two vampire stories, two stories set in the Old West, two... You get the picture. The only difference is their length. Both stories combined can be no shorter than 6,000 and no longer than 8,000. So, if one story is 1,500 words, the second must be 4,500 words or more, but cannot exceed 6,500 words. All the same Freya’s Bower submission guidelines apply.

All mini e-books accepted for publishing by Freya's Bower will be subject to editing. If you are not open to suggestions and/or recommendations, do not submit. However, we will keep British quotes and spelling provided it is consistent throughout the work.

Send your publication history, if any (all writers welcome), and 500-word writing sample to submit@freyasbower.com and type "Bites Based On A Prompt" in the subject line.

Come on! Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to craft a new world with new people base on a mere idea!