Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Goddess Freya Series

We want serious writers of history, lore, and legends, who are meticulous about
researching their background info so that plots, characters, and settings are historically accurate.

Editor-in-chief, Marci G. Baun, and managing editor, Faith Bicknell-Brown, are looking
for writers who would like to base a novella, category, novel, plus novel or humongous
novel on the goddess Freya for a Freya e-book series.

Word Counts:
Novellas: 15,001-30,000 words
Category: 30,001-45,000 words
Novels: 45,001-70,000
Plus Novels: 70,001-100,000 words
Humongous Novels: 100,000 or more words

Due to the numerous Bites we are currently publishing, Bites based on the goddess Freya will be limited, so any writers interested in writing a Bite should query specifically to see if there is an opening.

All material MUST have Freya as an integral part of his or her plot. In other words, Freya need not be the protagonist, however without her, the story would fall apart.

A deadline for the first rough draft will be discussed with the writer, depending on the writer's current projects, day job, etc.

If interested, contact Faith at this address: editorfaith at sbcglobal dot net to discuss writing credentials, publications, and writing samples.

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