Monday, September 04, 2006

Two Great Reviews for Beyond the Maze!

I googled and found the following two reviews for my bites ebook, Beyond the Maze today!

FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS bestowed 4 Angels to Beyond the Maze.
Beyond the Maze is a tale of the power of passion being stronger than the winds of time. In only twenty pages, Canice Brown-Porter manages to convey a bundle of emotion and creates trust between her characters. While a longer length certainly would have added more depth to this story, I was moved at the capacity for love that her characters showed in this brief, but very engaging tale. Well-written and engaging, Beyond the Maze by Canice Brown-Porter earns Four Angels!

Reviewed by: Michelle, FAR Reviewer
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EURO-REVIEWS gives 4 out of 5 to Beyond the Maze
Beyond the Maze is a beautiful and romantic story with an attractive cover. The story is filled with romance when a young woman somehow unwillingly takes a jump back in time. There she meets the man of her dreams, only it takes her some time to realize. Canice Brown-Porter has written a short story that will be loved by the romantic souls among us, but of course also by others.
Reviewed by: Annick, Euro-Reviews Reviewer
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Just another reason to Google your pen name!


Miranda Heart said...

WOOOHOOOO SISSY!!!! I knew you were great. Now we have proof!


M.E Ellis said...

Isn't that just weird to find a review via Google? I wonder why they don't tell the author they've done one?

Well done, m'dear!


Anonymous said...

I know that FAR is run solely by volunteers as far as their reviewing and notifications, so sometimes it takes a bit to find author contact info and notify the authors.

As I'm the one that wrote that review, I am intimately familiar with the process there.

Hope that answers your question!