Tuesday, November 07, 2006

AWA Chat

There is going to be an open chat for AWA (Alternative Writer's Association) Wednesday 9:00 p.m Texas time.

This chat is to help answer any questions anyone may have about the lifestyle, writing and the site in general. You must download mIRC to be able to enter the chat. For those of you that need help, go to www.mirc.com Download the latest version. After you install the program follow these instructions:

When the main window comes up click "Connect" click "add"

ircserver: IRCstorm.net Port: 6667 Click "ok"

Then click: Connect to irc server.

We are: #Alternativewriters

Miranda Heart will be there most of the day to help people who want to set up early, however, she may not "be" in the room, just her name.

This is a really great opportunity for those interested in understanding the lifestyle better to come and meet like minded individuals. Bring your favorite snack, questions and a smile.

If you should need any help please email Miranda and MirandaHeartAWA@aol.com she will be with you as soon as she can.

Should you feel like dropping by the site please go to: www.alternativewriters.com

Thanks again and have a great day all.

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