Friday, January 05, 2007


Hi, all. I hope I'm doing this right. :D

My name is Rhonda Stapleton, and my chick lit novel, Stripped, will be coming out with Freya's Bower this year! YAY!

Here's a blurb about it:

Amanda Thomson, a web designer dissatisfied with her dull life, finds out that Jake Waters, the talentless stripper at the consolation party her friends threw for her when she lost out on a management promotion, got the job she wanted – no, deserved.

And not only is she fighting to prove herself at work, Amanda also has to deal with her meddling Grammy, her mom dating for the first time since her dad’s death, and her sister’s nagging suspicions of a cheating spouse.

Jake just relocated from Chicago and only stripped to his skivvies at Amanda’s party as a favor for a friend. He’s a workaholic single dad, trying to balance work demands while caring for his eight-year-old daughter…and chafing beneath his pushy mother’s influence.

The power struggles and sexual tension increase when Amanda and Jake are forced to work together at a tech conference, and then on an important client’s project. Amanda struggles to believe in her own self-worth. Jake struggles to learn how to balance work and home responsibilities.

And both struggle to get what they want and need from a relationship with each other.

As soon as the cover is ironed out and approved, I'll post it here.

I look forward to participating on this board and getting to know you guys better.




Faith said...

Woot! Can't wait to see what Emmy and CoverVan come up with!

ffox said...

Hiya Rhonda

And welcome - hope you like it here.


Ansley Vaughan said...

Hi Rhonda,
This one sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the cover.