Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vote for your favorite FB author and a great review!

Another wonderful review and two books nominated for Sensual Read's Book of the Month. Come support your favorite FB authors!

paranormal romance ebook, contemporary erotic ebook, chick lit, erotica ebookHoneysuckle & Wild Roses by Zinnia Hope

Sold into marriage on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Honey wishes the lover in her erotic dreams would rescue her. The goddess Freya intercedes, giving her two choices, but at a price. Honey must choose between two men: the Green Man and become his queen or marry Kaedric and watch as war breaks out between Mortals and Faeries.

Who will she choose? And what will happen to her children if Freya proves to be wrong?

The first in the Goddess Freya Series and the prequel to The Daughters of Trinity Series.

Rating: Spicy
Book Length: Novella
Price: $4.75
Genre: Fantasy

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lesbian erotic ebook, erotica ebook, paranormalThe Witches' Rally by Chastity Lee

The Witches' Rally

Lee's boss has to be stopped. Hyper, cold and cruel, Jim eats candy kisses all day to keep up the level of energy required to grind everyone properly into dirt under his control. Desperate, Lee enlists the aid of a local coven of witches. They concoct a plan to lure her boss into the Ocala National Forest where the sisters will strip him of his arrogance once and for all.

What Lee can't foresee is that this night will change her life forever and strip her of everything she has believed about herself up to this point.

A Goddess Named Serena

Compelled to see the coven's leader again, Lee joins the coven in the backyard of a modest stucco house in Gainesville. When all of her self-styled taboos are broken, what will she do?

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Bites
Price: $2.00
Genre: Paranormal/F/F/Contemporary

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BDSM erotic ebook, erotica ebook, historical romance eroticaSomething Unexpected by Miranda Heart

"I finished the book on a sigh, knowing Beatrice got what she needed in the end... Ms. Heart writes and shows that the BDSM lifestyle isn't something terrible or disgusting, but one that, if so inclined to live it, is better than living a lie and denying your wants."

4 Champagne Flutes by White Russian
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews
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Congratulations, Zinnia, Miranda, and Chastity!


Marci Baun
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