Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New WCP release

We have a new release and a new look. If you haven't stopped by recently, come see the difference.

how to write, writer advice

This is the beginning of a series that addresses most of what there is to know about writing a tight, exciting story. In Laymen's terms and with a touch of irreverent humor, Ms Bicknell-Brown discusses formatting and submitting material, grammar, paring prose, etiquette, punctuation, character and plot development, pen names, research do's and don'ts, how to write sex scenes and avoid purple prose, synopsis, outlines, blurbs, and much more.

In this first book, you will find pointers on submitting and formatting your manuscript, etiquette of submitting, pen names, research do's and don'ts, synopsis, and outlines.

The second book will cover plot and character development, setting, genres, and more.

Genre: How To/Writing - How To
Book Length: Booklet
Price: $3.25

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Marci Baun
Wild Child Publishing

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