Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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horror, James Cheetham

Some children are forced to grow up quickly, while others aren't meant to grow up at all. Little Rita existed between these two spectrums, wandering between reality and dreams, suffering and surviving in the Here and There.

Some people go over the edge with courage or blind faith, while others wade along the shoreline contemplating what might lay beyond the falls. Rita found the edge and clenched the rocks. There, she lingered as a child in the cold water while hanging on for dear life. There, with broken fingernails and white, waterlogged skin, she remained until she became an adult. All that she needed by then was a nudge...

Her past haunting her every waking moment, her present confusing her troubled mind, she wonders about the future. Fate awaits, but what if destiny is deceived? The universe changes and lives spin out of control. Rita lives one such life and carries her sins close to her heart. A weed amongst the flowers...

~ ~ ~

"bold and penetrating...deliciously disturbing...psychologically acute and entertaining, dark and inspiring..."

Five Champagne Flutes from Harvey Wallbanger
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews

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Genre: Horror
Book Length: Novel
Book Size: 248 pp. 6"x9"
Price: $15.99 -- print

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romance novel, biker fiction, Adelle Laudan

Iron Horse Rider by Adelle Laudan

After losing his wife in a terrible motorcycle accident, Shane flees from everything and everyone that reminds him of Kelly. He discovers solace in a summer Micmac camp, and with the aid of Chief Gray Owl and the beautiful Tia, Shane's heart begins to heal.

However, even paradise can turn chaotic. To save Tia from a man she fears, Shane is sent on a quest. Throughout his journey, he learns that sometimes friendship comes from the most unusual circumstances, that love never dies, and anything's possible when you’re riding in the wind.

Genre: Biker Fiction/Romance
Book Length: Novel
Book Size: 132 pp. 6"x9"
Price: $10.99 -- print

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psychological thriller, paranormal, horror

Quits: Book 2: Devils by M.E. Ellis

Still tormented by the demons from his past, Wayne Thomas embarks on a course of therapy at the Klinter Institute. His therapist, Jen, is eager to ensure he faces every single demon he encountered in his childhood and to re-establish Wayne into society. With the help of Kathy, a speech therapist, and Herbert, a physiotherapist, Wayne begins to rebuild not only his mind, but his body and self-confidence. Once therapy makes a marked improvement upon Wayne, he is offered the chance to move out of Klinter to The Apartments, the second stage of his integration.

However, inner demons and devils are sometimes hard to erase. Wayne's linger in his subconscious, waiting for a chance to break free once more, to wreak havoc within his unstable mind. Will Jen's hard work pay off? Or will Wayne spiral into a world where redemption and payback rule?

Genre: Horror/Psychological Thriller/Paranormal
Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.95 -- ebook

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