Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wild Child Releases

mainstream fiction

by Jack Maeby

Welcome back, Jimmy Mack. You still crazy? His friends and fellow musicians want to know. He's free, off anti-psychotic meds and back on the scene, playing jazz and R&B in the urban backwater of Albany, New York in 1972. Life seems almost normal until members of the soul music revue he's working with start turning up dead, and Jimmy is the main suspect. It doesn't help that he's falling for Yvonne, a devastatingly beautiful singer, who may be up to her cool blue eyes in a deadly scheme to steal ownership of a string of disco songs with hit record potential.

Jimmy looks to his friend Heid, a methadone-addicted keyboard genius, and Shorty, an irascible soul-music DJ, to help him avoid the cops, the killers and his own descent back into madness. The story unfolds in the rhythms of jazz and blues, with stops at chitlin' circuit nightclubs, gay cabarets and after-hours discotheques. Music becomes Jimmy's refuge, as well as the key to figuring out who the real killer is. Jimmy has some hard choices to make that force him to either conquer his inner demons or be lost forever.

Genre: Mainstream Fiction
Book Length: Novel

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mainstream fiction

Coming September 4, 2007

by Mack Mani

Convinced that their new case will resolve to be just another missing person, Paul and Shaun, private detectives, dig around for clues. However, with a small bag containing strange smelling ash and a notebook of cryptic messages, Paul finds himself at the scene of a warehouse fire. Things take a sinister turn as toothless bodies are brought out one by one. Returning to the scene at midnight, Paul encounters someone who calls himself Father and wants to rule the world...

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Book Length: Novella

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Marci Baun

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