Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My book has been released!!

The day has arrived - my book, Beneath the Surface, has been released at Wild Child Publishing. Hallelujah.

Blurb for Beneath the Surface
Jo has the darkest of secrets in her past, which drives her to seek out the most traumatic of hotspots in the world as a war correspondent so she never has the time to confront what she did. A fellow reporter, Craig, accompanies her into war-torn Sergavia to recover rolls of film from a dead colleague and along the way Jo finds love and a reason to go back to the beginning so she can move forward.

Extract from Beneath the Surface
Branko’s eyes, unseeing, gazed up to the heaven I hoped he had gone to. What freakin’ heaven, for God’s sake? Who was I fooling? Out of the black sky, a wave of hopelessness thundered over me. For an instant a cavity opened and closed, but I had seen inside, and that image of empty loneliness scratched at my sanity.
I fell forward onto my knees by his side and touched an unblemished cheek. It was cold. This was the face Ana loved. I felt her sorrow, and tears threatened. I brushed his hair into place and rubbed at the dirt on that cheek. I had seen more death than most people see in a century of life, but this was Branko. He had a name. I had talked to him. I had liked him.
I heaved my pack onto my back, snatched up the rifle, checked the magazine and put the safety on. There was nothing I could do for Branko, but I could help save his family—if I could get to them before they reached the pass.
I turned around and faced the mountains. That was where I was going. Up there into the snow.


Blognote said...

Congratulations with the release of your book!!
It must be nerve-wrecking before you receive the news: will it or won't it? An enormous satisfaction!

M.E Ellis said...

Fab book!


A Kite Rises said...

Many congratulations on the release of your book KC! All the best AKR.