Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Releases from Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower

Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower would like to congratulate Judith Leger and Jaime Samms for their new releases.

Every 28th, we will be celebrating our monthly releases at www.CyberLaunchParty.Blogspot.com! Leave any of the authors or the publisher a question that day at Cyber Launch Party, and your name will go in the hat for your choice from any of that month's new releases!

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romance, fantasy

Dragon Wish by Judith Leger

A vision, a wish, and a journey plagued by evil.

Cold, desolate cliffs and a white dragon's blue gaze captures Seren Jordan in a terrifying vision. A universe away, Paladin Fulcan--prince, captain, and sorcery-shadowed seed of dragonkind--struggles to overcome his grief during the long journey to where he must bury his wife and son. Seeing a shooting star, he violates the most sacred law of the dragonseed: he makes a wish...

Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Book Length: Plus Novel
Word Count: 100,856
Pages: 368
Price: $6.99
Formats: PDF, HTML, Mobi, Lit, ePub, PRC

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short stories, romance anthologyAs Advertised by Jaime Samms

Tyler should know; as an ad executive, the packaging is what sells. And Jake is quite a package. So what if neither long-time friend Marty nor his landlady think much of Jake. Tyler is determined not to see the dark side of his lover, but when the truth becomes undeniable, not even an evening soaked in martinis will let him hide from it...

Genre: M/M/Contemporary
Rating: Spicy
Book Length: Novel
Word Count: 54,477
Page Length: 180
Price: $5.49
Formats: PDF, HTML, ePub, PRC, MOBI, LIT

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