Thursday, October 04, 2007

Faerie Anthology Submissions Call

In the Gloaming: A Faerie Anthology

A Faerie Anthology has been a pet project of mine for quite a while, so I'm looking for four to five authors who can do a bit of research into the realm of faerie lore. Some of my own artwork may be used for the cover, too, so I'm very excited about this anthology.

Faeries come in all shapes and sizes, wings and without, beautiful to ugly, malevolent to benign, helpful and irritating. Every culture has its own types of faeries and legends too.

I'm a faerie lore buff, so although sparkle wings and beauty is nice, chances are such material will have to be spectacular to wow me. Do your research and show me something new. For example, for a sweet romance weave a story about an ugly troll who finds love, or two selkies who are ostracized from their underwater world. There are phookas, kelpies, Red Caps, flora and fauna faeries, elves, dwarves, merfolk, sprites, pixies, Willow the Wisps, pucks, Jack-in-Irons, brownies, banshees, and their are specific worlds such as Tir Nan Og and various other faerie islands. There is a plethora of faerie info out there for you to draw upon...use it to dream and tranfer your dream into a unique submission.

This anth is fantasy at its highest. An element of legitimate faerie lore research must be present in the story. Remember, I know faerie lore, so I'll also know if you fudged the details, lol. The faerie lore must be integral to the plot.

Okay, 10K min wc and 20K max. Rating sweet to beyond sizzling. Deadline for submissions is October 31st 2007, although we may extend this deadline due to the interest in it. Submissions MUST have "SUBMISSION: FAERIE" in the subject heading. Address your letters to me.

NOTE: Depending on the interest for this anth, which has been great so far, I may create more than one volume. I'm not worried about perfect manuscripts right now. I'm looking for well-woven plots and assurance that the author has done h/her research. However, don't send me a train wreck in regards to sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation either.

I'll select 4 to 5 submissions out of the entire slushpile, depending on word count and if there's room for an extra submission. Any content is acceptable minus the taboos listed on our Freya's Bower submissions page. Lesbian and m/m content is accepted.

For this anth to be considered for print format, the e-book needs to sell a specific amount of copies (details will be discussed with contracted authors), so authors most be devoted to promoting.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me at Also, if you know of a writing group or fellow writer who might be interested in this anth, pass this call along to them.

Faith Bicknell-Brown
Managing Editor
Freya's Bower

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