Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Starting tomorrow, and through the end of October, our charity anthology will be discounted.

Hardback: Normally $29.95; now $22.95
Paperback: Normally $19.95; now $14.95
eBook: Normally $7.99; now $4.99

Show your support to women in need. Buy this anthology now and know you are making a difference.

True love, freedom, money, knowledge, revenge... Dreams and desires of the ordinary woman, or man. From best friends who discover love to a bank teller who exacts revenge to a succubus who loves art more than men, this collection of nineteen stories celebrates the attainment of all one can dream or desire. Which one do you secretly yearn for?

By purchasing this collection, you can help turn someone's nightmare into the pursuit of dreams. Every year, four million women are assaulted by their partners. At Freya's Bower, we want to do our part to bring this statistic down to zero. To this end, all net proceeds from every Dreams and Desire anthology purchased will go to a battered woman's shelter. Through education and support, we can make a difference.

Authors: (in alphabetical order of last name): Jenna Bayley-Burke, Faith Bicknell-Brown, Amanda Brice, Sela Carsen, Rachelle Chase, Gemma Halliday, Candace Havens, Zinnia Hope, Jackie Kessler, Susan Lyons, Richelle Mead, Debbie Mumford, Rhonda Stapleton, Bebe Thomas, Emily Veinglory, Sasha White, Lois Winston, Shaunna Wolf, and Kit Wylde.

Rating: Sweet, Tangy, Spicy and Sizzling
Book Length: Plus Novel (85,000 words)
Genres: Various

Marci Baun

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Debbie Mumford said...

Awesome idea!

Buy this book. You not only get a great read, you support a worthy cause!