Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News, releases, and review

We would like to congratulate the authors Fionn Jameson and Penelope Friday for their new releases and Christopher Tran for his fantastic review.

Come listen now to our newest podcast where I interview Debbie Mumford, author of Second Sight, Sorcha's Heart, Dragons' Choice, and Glass Magic. All of our podcasts are available on All of our podcasts are available on our site and iTunes. You can even review them.

Remember to mark your calendars if you are going to be in Los Angeles in July. Greater Los Angeles Area Writers Society has asked Jack Maeby, Jeff Sherratt, and I to speak at their monthly meeting. We will be at the Palms Rancho Park Library. July date to be announced.

From April 27 through the 30th, Freya's Bower is the featured publisher at Romance Excerpts Only Yahoo group. Drop in for some excerpts and to say "hi".

Blood Martyr: Book 3 by Fionn Jameson

Available April 29, 2008

Tanith Quinn is a vampire with a lot on her mind. Between fighting off her constant blood lust, and a friend who becomes more than just a friend, plus the Were King, who insists that they're meant to be together, she's a walking time bomb. And that's not even mentioning a hunter who's determined to take her down, as well as old friends who would like nothing more than to see her dead...

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Chapter Book
Price: $1.75
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal

Read an excerpt.

tangy, romance, contemporary erotica

One Kiss from a Stranger by Penelope Friday

Available May 6, 2008

Sylvia Rose isn't interested in romance. Between advancing her career and looking after her chronically ill sister, she doesn't have time. And one kiss from a handsome stranger isn't going to change her mind.

But when the stranger turns out to be her new boss...

Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.75
Genre: Contemporary

Read an excerpt.

light horror, thriller

Tiffany's Twisted
by Christopher Tran

"a darkly twisted novel of love and passion...incredible twists and turns this story takes... I cannot believe this is Christopher Tran's first novel."

5 Pixies by Amanda Haffery, Dark Angel Reviews
Available online at Dark Angel Reviews June 1, 2008.

Genre: Light Horror/Thriller
Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.95

Read excerpt.

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Congratulations, everyone!


Marci Baun
Freya's Bower
Wild Child Publishing

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