Friday, December 15, 2006

Excellent Reviews from Romance Divas

I'm so excited! C.C. from Romance Divas gave Glass Magic a fabulous 5 Kisses review!!

Ms. Mumford creates a devilishly wicked and wonderfully whimsical character in Red. His antics are humorous and the results are passionate and truly inspired. I have to say that I hope Red plans to play matchmaker again, since these delicious little “bites” from Freya's Bower are perfect treats for readers with a hectic schedule.

Check out her whole review here.

Buy Glass Magic here.

Woo Hoo!!!!! Oh!! And C.C. -- Red is the star of my Dreams & Desires story!!

And for my second piece of good news:

Another fabulous Romance Diva review! Ash Arceneaux gave Sorcha's Heart a 5 Kisses review!

This book is a wonderful addition to any fantasy collection. The characters, situation and conflicts were magical. The last page literally “popped” with a surprise that made me laugh out loud. Sorcha's Heart is a must-read!

Read Ash's whole review here.

Buy Sorcha's Heart here.

Woo Hoo!! Two 5 Kisses reviews for my books!!!!!! Let the cyber-champagne flow!!

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Lisa said...

Debbie, congratulations on your wonderful reviews!