Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First Review for DRAGONS' CHOICE

White Russian Highly recommends Dragons' Choice!

There is so much more going on in Sorcha’s Children: Dragons’ Choice than I have touched upon. Sub-plots abound—damn good ones too! I absolutely loved this fantasy tale and wholeheartedly hope that the other children’s lives will also be written about.

Yay! She wants to read about the other kids!!

Summary: A rich and delightful read. Ms. Mumford has an exceptional talent in making fantasy reality. Nothing is unbelievable; my mind accepted everything as fact, without question. Well done to Ms. Mumford in yet again making me believe that dragons do exist. Fantastic imagery, very good word use—a tale written with superb aplomb. I highly recommend Sorcha’s Children: Dragons’ Choice. A magnificent novel that I wished had gone on and on and on…

Is that not an awesome summary statement? And SIX champagne flutes to boot! Thanks for a wonderful review, White Russian! You've made my week!

Read the entire review here.

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Isabelle Santiago said...
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Isabelle Santiago said...

Congratulations Debbie! Your writing for Sorcha is purely magical. I knew this one would be no different.

PS. Sorry about the double post. ;)