Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SheWolf out now!

Hi Everyone. SheWolf is now available and with her comes a few specials. First, a little about what readers are saying:

SheWolf is awesome!~ herbalista from myspace

A dangerously spirited heroine and a sexy hero combine to make one whirlwind of a read. Teresa D’Amario has crafted a fun, steamy debut! ~ Larissa Ione, multi-published author

Teresa D'Amario has crafted a dynamic romance layered through with passion, provocation, and a mutual respect that is rare between fictional heroes and heroines. I'm especially in awe of this debut author's SheWolf - Anna sparkles with satisfyingly feminine strength! ~Emily Ryan-Davis Author of the Dragon Queen series

The tension is unmistakable, the action exciting, and the book will stay in your mind and on your shelf for a long time to come. Teresa D'Amario’s SheWolf is available at Freya’s Bower, so I suggest if you love romance, and especially if you love the paranormal, you head on over there for your copy today. ~Romance At The Heart

Tonight, to celebrate the release, and to let people know who and what we (uh oh, is that the royal we?) are, I'll be participating in the Midnite Seductions Author's chat at RomanceJunkies.com! So come join us! Have fun and let's talk good books!

In addition, we'll also be visiting the Talking Two Lips chat all day tomorrow during the day on their Yahoo Group! Drop on in if you're a member, and join up if you're not. (Of course, you can then drop in)


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