Sunday, February 03, 2008

Culver City speaking engagement

As many of you know, yesterday, I spoke at a local library about ebooks. Well, the topic was officially "Romancing the eBook" with the main focus being on romance and erotica ebooks. The audience was attentive and very interested in what I had to say. I expected the engagement to last thirty to forty-five minutes, but the interest was so high that I spoke for a good hour and a half. The topics ranged from ebooks to questions on publishing, getting published. Toward the end, the librarian asked us to read excerpts. One of our Wild Child authors, Jack Maeby, read an excerpt from his book The Thorazine Mirrorball. After his reading, I picked up one of our print books, Conspiracy of Angels, and read a brief excerpt as well. Jack's appearance surprised and delighted me. I am glad he was able to make it. He and I along with his friend Hannah, an author with Berkley, will be speaking at the Venice-Abbot Kinney Library on April 5 at 3 pm about independent publishing as opposed to NY publishing. It promises to be a lively discussion. Mark your calendars. I expect anywhere from 40-50 people to attend. The link will give you hours and location, but I will post more about this event the closer we get to it.

At the end of my gig, the librarian took ten sample CDs and will be giving them to her reading group. She also wants to see our print titles included in the library catalog. Overall, a very successful engagement.

Of course, not everything went as planned. Well, that's typical, or so it seems. Due to some server problems, I was unable to post the new free reads up on Freya's Bower before the speaking engagement. However, as both were sweet, I posted them on Wild Child Publishing's site. I also uploaded a free Wild Child read, a horror/fantasy short. I'll be moving the sweet romance free reads to Freya's Bower on Tuesday. I also had problems logging onto the library's wi-fi because, apparently, I no longer had the ability to access it through my library card. I know that I did since my last speaking engagement required me to sign in, but we had to set that up again. As I said, typical.

I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to more such engagements in the future. I would like to thank Jessica Henderson, the librarian, for giving me this opportunity.

Marci Baun
Wild Child Publishing
Freya's Bower

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