Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Reviews for Debbie Mumford

Flash Me Magazine has started a review page and they chose my books as their inaugural effort! The books they review are either collections of flash fiction or books written by authors they have published in the past. I'm pleased to qualify for their new service and thrilled that they chose to review both Second Sight and Dragons' Choice.

The reviews are only available in the subscription PDF version, but here's a link to the announcement. You can subscribe here.

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Dawson reviewed Dragons' Choice. Ms. Dawson said:

"Mrs. Mumford’s delightful storytelling makes every scene vivid and entrancing. She has an excellent ability to look at humans from a dragon’s point of view."


"The book flows between brother and sister in a seamless fashion, carrying two stories easily. Mrs. Mumford’s light tone and vibrant characters make every chapter a pleasure to read."

Buy Dragons' Choice here.

Editor Jeannie Eddy reviewed Second Sight. Ms. Eddy commented:

"The first few chapters drew me into what promised to be a dark, gritty, intriguing story with likeable and sympathetic characters. I especially liked the imagery and Jenny’s interaction with her ‘tiger’."

Buy Second Sight here.

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