Saturday, February 09, 2008

New WCP releases and free read

Wild Child Publishing would like to congratulate Zinnia Hope for her new release Tennessee Walking in the Park and Visiting Donna Dee and Faith Bicknell-Brown for her upcoming release How to Avoid Writer's Hell: The Muse. What A Bitch!.


Tennessee Waltz in the Park and Visiting Donna Dee
by Zinnia Hope

These two distinct stories compliment one another and reveal the wonders of the heart, the unique magic of life, and the mysterious mechanics of the universe.

Tennesee Waltz in the Park

Lily's father convinces her that Jason left her for another woman. Over a century later, Lily finds herself wandering the frigid streets of a lonely town only to bump into an elderly Jason...but what power has allowed them to live for so long and why?

Visiting Donna Dee

Arnold Cuttshaver is released from prison after serving 50 years for murder. But is he really guilty? And what about Regina, who manages the bookstore where he works and lives? Is she really his Donna Dee from 50 years ago, or did the universe play a cruel trick on them too?

Photo for cover courtesy of Luis Roquette Valdez

Genre: Literary
Book Length: Short Story
Price: $3.25

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How to Avoid Writer's Hell: The Muse. What A Bitch!
by Faith Bicknell-Brown

Available February 12, 2008

This is book II of a series that addresses most of what there is to know about writing a tight, exciting story. In Laymen's terms and with a touch of irreverent humor, Ms. Bicknell-Brown discusses the writer's muse, unique plots, avoiding stereotypes, character development, the abused comma, excessive adverbs and adjectives, atmosphere, setting, info dumps, the writer's ego, and much more.

Watch for book III which will involve more punctuation tips, sentence structure, character point of view, knowing your genres, etc.

Genre: Writing - How To
Book Length: Short Story
Price: $3.25

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science fiction

The Talisman
by Rosa Orrore

When Vikings invade, will Sorcha and her family survive?

Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: Short, Short Story
Price: Free

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I'd like to thank everyone who came to my speaking engagement last Saturday. It went very well, lasted longer than I expected, and I had a great time. I hope those of you who came enjoy your WCP t-shirt.

Marci Baun
Wild Child Publishing

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