Friday, July 28, 2006

Enter for a Chance to Win a Copy of BEYOND THE MAZE!

Hello Everyone! I'm Canice Brown-Porter, author of BEYOND THE MAZE, released by Freya's Bower about 5 weeks ago. I'll be holding a blog contest on Sunday, July 30th and giving away a copy of my Freya's Bower Bites ebook, Beyond the Maze! All you have to do is leave a comment on my post that day promoting my ebook! (The "K.I.S.S." theory at work here!) I'll put everyone's name - who leaves me a comment on Sunday - into a drawing and pull the winner's name at 2:30PM (ET). I'll announce the winner in the Freya's Bower Novelspotter chat which is being held from 10AM - 3PM (EST) that day. You must be a member to enter the chat.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! My blog addy is
Bites are 6,000 to 8,000 words and consists of two short stories that share a common theme.


Beyond the Maze
Aubrianna Sheffield strolled through the magnificient centuries-old maze of Chadwick Manor Estates at the end of every day just to unwind. Little did she expect to bump headlong into a gorgeous, masculine bulk on her way back to the manor. Too bad his disposition matched the sudden dark, angry thunder clouds overhead. And, when he demanded an answer as to why she was wandering around his private grounds, she questioned his sanity. Of all the nerve!

The Lord of Chadwick
Lord Keane Hamilton Chadwick IV struggled with the dream-come-to-life, beautiful blonde he held steady in his grasp. Even soaked to the skin in the downpour, she was breathtaking. But that sharp tongue and uncultured speech of hers drove him to the brink of madness. His family had owned Chadwick Manor Estates for over one-hundred-fifty years, and this mere slip of a woman had the audacity to order him to leave. She should be locked away in an asylum!

Rating: Tangy
Warning: Contains graphic language
To read an excerpt or purchase BEYOND THE MAZE, visit:
Freya's Bower

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