Monday, July 24, 2006

Special call for Submissions

SPECIAL call for submissions: “Three Voices, One Book”

Length: Three linked novellas (15,000-30,000 words each).

Freya’s Bower is seeking novels composed of three linked novellas, written by a team of three authors.

Writing is such a solitary process, so Freya’s Bower wants to help you work more closely with your fellow writers. “Three Voices, One Book” is a new and exciting line of novels composed of three linked novellas. Each writing team of three authors should choose a concept around which to base three stories (for example, three people at the same job, three brothers/sisters, three generations of the same family, etc.). Each author will write one novella, but should work closely with his/her fellow authors for brainstorming, timeline, and narrative. Each novella should focus on a specific character, but should include the characters from the other novellas.

Each novella should be able to stand on its own, but should also work together to form a longer novel.

We will accept all themes, genres, heat levels (sweet, tangy, spicy, sizzling), and time periods. All three novellas should be in the same heat level, however. We will also accept stories focusing on holidays, with special consideration given to those stories that incorporate pagan holidays as well as mainstream holidays. If querying for a particular holiday, please take into consideration editorial lead-time.

NOTE: this is not for novice writers. Picking up from where another author has left off and continuing on with the idea/series, yet keeping it in a consistent tone is tough to do.

Send queries to submit @ freyasbower . com -- without the spaces -- and include THREE VOICES (TITLE) in your subject line.

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