Thursday, July 27, 2006

Win a Copy of "Sorcha's Heart"

To celebrate the release of Sorcha's Heart I'm giving a copy away!

It's easy to win - just blog about the release (info below) and then leave me a comment to let me know about it!

If you don't have a blog, go to mine and leave me a comment mentioning this contest!

One of my unbiased family members will pick the winner on Saturday, August 5!

Info to blog by:

Sorcha's Heart by Debbie Mumford

A legendary relic, a dragon-wrought amulet, the Heart of Fire may be the salvation of her people, and Sorcha is willing to pay any price to obtain it, but when she discovers the price is the loss of her humanity, she learns caution too late. Only a hero can save her, and he isn't human.

Available July 30th from Freya's Bower!


Have fun! And may the best participant win!


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blackroze37 -tami said...

love the cover!