Thursday, August 24, 2006

Charade Competition!

Congrats to Rhonda and Bebe Thomas, they both won a copy of Charade!


Ok, so we may as well start this game today if you’re all up for it. Charade is being released on Sunday, so for your chance to win a free copy of this zany novella, we have a picture hunt to get going on!
Quits had the ugliest pyjamas…Charade has the weirdest, wackiest, nastiest HAIRSTYLE!
Please run forth and find a hairstyle that you would NOT sport. It could be dirty, greasy hair, a crazy style, colour, whatever you like, or don't like... I’ll put all entries up on my blog on Saturday so you can vote for the worst, and the winner will be announced Sunday.
Please email all gross hairdo’s to:

Goodness me!


Kis Lee said...

yowza! i remember when big hair was in. *shudder*

Tempest Knight said...

Okay! Who took that pic of my high school year book?! *rofl*