Sunday, August 27, 2006

A new review site I just opened

If you are a writer of bdsm stories (any length) I wanted to let you know I have now opened a review blog on blogspot. It was really difficult for me to find a site specific to bdsm. Therefore, I decided just to open my own. I've been published through Freya's Bower, therefore, it would not be wise of me to do reviews for anyone published through them. However, if you find a regular Joe Shmoe not affiliated with Freya's Bower, I will happily post the review. I don't really care if it was your best friend, although I think of us would appreciate a "real" readers review.

That said, if you know of anyone through other publishers who writes bdsm let them know that is out there and I'll be more than willing to help where I can.

Otherwise, thanks for letting me babble. :)


Kis Lee said...

Miranda, that's a great idea. :)

Debbie Mumford said...

Congrats, Miranda!

Amanda Brice said...

Great idea Miranda!

Miranda Heart said...

Thanks ladies!... Sorry it takes me so long to post sometimes. I get sick of dial up and the last few weeks I've actually been on cable, makes my life a bit easier.