Friday, August 11, 2006

An Excerpt from Aurora's Passion by Bebe Thomas

Kris awoke to his warm touch as he gently caressed her back in a slow rhythmic circular motion.
“Mmmm,” she emitted a deep throaty growl.

“You're awake,” he said. “Good.” He kneaded her neck and shoulders, his warm hands loosening up every muscle.


He rubbed down her back, relaxing her, tracing her spine with his thumb. When he reached her
butt, he massaged her cheeks, working the tight muscles with the heel of his hands. His touch incited conflicting sensations. She was relaxed, but also ravenous for more than just a massage.

He slowly moved his hand to her torso and rolled her tight against him. Feeling his cock against
her ass sent a rush of wetness to her core. He nibbled on her neck as he caressed her breasts through her silk negligee and rubbed her nipples until they were hard pebbles. She pressed harder into his length. She rolled onto her back and lifted slightly as he removed her lingerie. He leaned into her, longing and lust filling his green eyes. Leisurely, he traced her lips - a challenge, Kris thought. She drew his finger into her mouth, making him gasp.

She sighed with pleasure when he took his moist finger from her mouth and used it to strum her clit. He nipped her lower lip and then thrust his tongue into her mouth, plunging his fingers between her nether lips. Kris bucked against his hand.

“Do you like it, Ann Kristine?” he growled.

She managed a moan. Did she like it? She'd never felt this way before.

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