Friday, August 11, 2006

Exerpt #1 Freya's Bower

Copyright 2006 Phaedre Torres
Publishing Freya's Bower

Summer swelter and I sprawl across perspiration soaked sheets, awaiting the mass of angry clouds on the northern horizon. Weak puffs of ozone-laced breezes filter through the window and I peel my body from the bedding, angling my sticky flesh in their direction, willing the air to stir.

My gaze slides to the chaos gathering against a patch of creamsicle sky. My mind wanders idly through images of you; each as drenched in sensation as I am drenched in sweat. Distant crackles of lightning spark a silent movie in my mind, and I allow my eyes to drift shut, my fingers trailing lightly across my collarbone. You kissed me there, coaxing sweet shimmers up my throat to escape my lips.

The rolling thunder is remote and still whisper quiet – someone coughing politely behind a raised fist; or the soft sounds from the back of your throat as the pleasure became unbearable. I feel your keening now as jolts, causing my muscles to jump with pangs of liquid heat, far and away from the heavy heat in the air.
Here at last, the wind picks up; sighing through the screen, drawing with it the moisture from the air in my room. At once I can breathe again, cool and deep. I see you suckling greedily at my breast…grasping my nipple between your teeth, then flicking the captured flesh with the tip of your tongue…and I held your head to me as my chest swelled to match your hunger. My fingers flutter down to clutch at my breast, frantically kneading. But my hand does you no justice.

I can almost see the steam rising from my body and I’m forced to pull my hand away as the inches of skin on skin between my arm and torso begin to sizzle. I drop my arm across my damp forehead and cover my eyes. I see your tongue trailing down my belly, your intense gaze capturing my own. My abdomen quivers with the memory.
You grasped the button of my jeans between your teeth and released it with a flick of your head. My breath escaped me as your fingers curled around the waistband, thumbs hooked in the belt loops; and you tugged slowly at the denim as you covered the tender skin beneath with your hot breath. A wry smile lit your eyes and you kissed me, full and wet, tongue splayed against my clitoris. Flames shot through my belly, contracting my muscles, yanking my shoulders from the bed. My legs flex and extend, shifting restlessly, wanting you.

My hands have now fallen to the bed, clutching fists full of soggy sheets. You touched me; tentatively at first, just the pad of your thumb, your other arm slung beneath my hips, holding me in position. You lowered your mouth to me, following your thumb, tongue and fingers seeking, invading, conquering. Agonizingly tender. My breath comes in hitches and gasps and my eyes flash open as I marvel over the effect a mere memory can have on the here and now.

I focus on the boiling clouds which are now just above, reminiscent of writhing bodies beneath layers of gauze, and my eyes flutter shut once again. You loomed above me and teased my throat with your lips until I could no longer catch my breath. You dropped your head; watching as you slowly lowered your body to mine. I watched as well, and raised my hips to meet you, my legs circling your waist and hooking in the sway of your back.

Toying with me or yourself, you dabbed at me, watching the head of your erection disappear beneath the wisps of dewy pubic hair, only to draw it back and watch it descend again. A growl tore through my clenched teeth and I pulled you down with all of my might. You chuckled softly and with a thrust of your hips, you were inside me. Mutual sighs of relief hissed between us, accompanied by the sharp slap of our bellies colliding.

Full force, it hits me body rises off the bed, and everything inside me gathers, coils and surges from every pore, almost painfully, until I am hollow and weightless.

I sink into the sheets, roll onto my side and allow the storm’s clean air and white noise to lull me to sleep.

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