Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Wild Child release

Dark Roads & The Boy in the Grey Tracksuit by J.G. Craig

Dark Raods

The passengers of a broken down bus in the lonely Highlands of Scotland are about to face the darkness...

Why is there a deserted village that looks for all the world like it was made of and moulded from plastic? Why do the passengers start to disappear one by one? And what are the strange manifestations that baffle the confused, remaining passengers?

Lost in an unearthly fog that never dissipates, fate will eventually find these people and take them to new lives or to the other side of death. But for some, fate also holds a cruel and unexpected hand.

Dark Roads. What road are you on?

The Boy in the Grey Tracksuit

Frank has a difficult life. High on meds most of the time, he goes through his day like a zombie, eating very little, smoking too much and bitching online to anyone who'll listen. Then something triggers a memory in Frank, a news report about a young local boy who's gone missing. As he staggers blindly along, trying to piece the mystery together, he is forced to confront a truth so soul destroying that it will take all of his mettle to accept it.

Genre: Horror
Length: Novel

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"Highly recommended and satisfying...Fresh and cold as death, Dark Roads feels like stepping off the pavement of your safe side street right into the 'Twilight Zone'..."

4.5 Cats by Lisa Tyler
Reviewer for Wild Child Publishing
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Excellent book!