Sunday, May 06, 2007

D&D author Gemma Halliday's novels to be on TV!

I heard the BEST news today about Gemma Halliday, one of the super generous and talented authors who donated short stories for the DREAMS & DESIRES charity anthology. Her short story, Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit had charity anthology readers laughing out loud and clamoring for more, and her novels are even better!

Gemma Halliday's double RITA nominated novel, Spying in High Heels, is in development for a television series on the USA Network!!! It’s currently one of five new shows being developed for their fall 2007/2008 season. Spying in High Heels follows shoe designer Maddie Springer, who in an effort to track down her missing boyfriend, realizes that her knack for fashion also serves another purpose: it makes her a great detective. Maddie's uniquely female perspective helps her pick up clues, using her designer's eye to discern tell tale shapes, colors and patterns, among other things. Along with her best friend Dana, an out-of-work actress, Maddie decides to open a detective agency operating out of her stepfather's hair salon.

Not all shows in development make it to the air, but this one should! If you want to see Maddie and Ramirez on the small screen, write to the USA Network and tell them you heard about SPYING IN HIGH HEELS and can’t wait to watch it. Or, if you’ve read the book and liked it, tell them that, too! Contact the programming department at the USA

In the meantime, read up on Gemma's books, including Undercover in High Heels & Killer in High Heels.

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M.E Ellis said...

That is SO bloody cool! I think I'd wee myself if it were me.

Well done, Gemma.