Monday, June 05, 2006

Kayla Finds Her Way - coming soon

Hello, everyone! I'm Kis Lee, and my Bites book will be released on June 12th. (I know my blurb is early, but I'm excited.) My book is a collection of erotic stories with Western flavor. My writing leans more towards "erotic" than "romance," so be prepared for some sizzling words.

Sneak preview:
Love and War in Lost River: 1873 – In a small cabin near Lost River, California, Jim and Lois Campbell prepare for the upcoming war against the Modoc tribe. Jim will soon join his militia company in a surprise attack against the neighboring warriors. As the conflict grows closer, Lois tries to convince her husband to quit the militia.

Kayla Finds Her Way: Twenty-year-old Kayla feels trapped in the dusty, sleepy town of Alturas, California. Stuck in a dead end job cleaning motel rooms, she daydreams about leaving Alturas behind. Then, she meets John Blacksmith, the handsome new owner of her motel. Tall, sexy John might be the cure for Kayla’s restlessness.
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M.E Ellis said...

Oh bless you being excited!