Saturday, June 03, 2006

You Again?

We, the authors at Freya's Bower, have been given the opportunity to post here and tell people a little about ourselves, and about our writing. And I think we're all afraid to go first. Well, I've been feeling a little fatalistic the last couple days, so I'm stepping up first.
My name is Dayna Hart, and I have a bite out with Freya's Bower, called You Again. The title is from a saying that I use fairly regularly, with inflection in different places to suit my mood. When my kids come to ask for yet another snack. "Not you again," when they come for kisses: "You again?". It's fitting, not just for the stories, but personally.
These are 'sweet' bites, which means my Mom can read them without me worrying that she's going to start giving me 'that look'. The first story is about a musical industry wildchild named Cherry giving grief to a reporter. Cherry was a lot of fun to write about.
In the second story, the MC is great, but the hero-- I'm hoping to use him in another story somehow. He's a cowboy/psychiatrist. See? You are intrigued!

I'll be following up my bite with a couple of novellas, one of which is geared to debut the Valkyrie line. (Oh, no pressure, Dayna, no worries. Psh!) I hope to be able to post an excerpt soon, but since neither Marci or Faith have seen any of it would be a little presumptuous to do it today. :)

My bio...well, I'm 29 years old, and I have three children. All boys. When I'm not writing, I'm either renovating my 150 year old farmhouse (or adding lists to the hubby's to-do list) or I'm working one of a hundred different craft projects that I've started, but not finished. I love to garden, and when mosquito season is over (sometime this winter) I'll enjoy looking at the photos I've taken of my garden from behind the protection of a screen door.

That's all for now. It wasn't so scary...really.


Faith said...

You got it on the site! YAY!

M.E Ellis said...

Helloooooooo and congrats on the publication!


Kis Lee said...

Great job!