Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SWORD OF REGRET - Steamy Vampire Fun!

Greetings, everybody! I'm Heather, aka H.A. Fowler, writer of paranormal romance, dark fantasy, erotica and horror, and I'm proud to announce the release of my Freya's Bower Bites, called SWORD OF REGRET!

What if there was a weapon that could rekindle the conscience of a killer? When a vicious vampire and a ruthless vampire hunter touch just such an artifact in these two dark erotic tales, the relationships between humans and immortals could be changed... forever.

M.E. Ellis says "I could see everything that was described, and, let me tell you, some of it nearly scorched my eyes! Phew! Hot stuff!"

Don't miss it!

I also write an ongoing dark fantasy serial for Inara Press, called THE VEIL -- it's the story of an odd couple -- hard-boiled vampire cop Devon Harrigan, and pampered human priestess Helene DuSolaire, and their quest to save the world from being overrun by monsters from another dimension. Called "A Unique Combination of Fantasy, Adventure and Romance" by Wantz Upon a Time Reviews, THE VEIL is the cure for the "Oh, great, another paranormal..." blues!

To find out more about my work, stop by my website: http://www.hafowler.com and join the mailing list!

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Kis Lee said...

congrats on your bites release! good luck with your other projects.