Saturday, June 03, 2006

Glass Magic, by Debbie Mumford

Hello, World! My name is Debbie Mumford and my "Bites" offering, Glass Magic, has just gone live on Freya's Bower.

I'm very excited to be here, and hope that you will enjoy reading about Red and his escapades.

Here's a taste of each story:

The Ghost in the Glass -
Interior Designer Maureen McBride never expected to get a faery when she ordered antique Irish glass for the windows of the mansion she’s decorating, but if he doesn’t kill her first, the trickster’s games may just give her the greatest gift of her life.

Red’s spirits lifted and he pressed his nose against his glass prison and stared hungrily across the room. Yes! The snooty female stood mere feet from him, making notes with a black stylus on a small tablet. Oh, she would do nicely. Tall for a female, she possessed delectable curves and flaming red hair. The hair settled his malicious intent. She wore it pulled back in a severe knot, but escaping tendrils confirmed his impression of long, riotous curls. The perfect scapegoat.

Now, he needed a man. He flowed to the right edge of his prison and inspected the fingers carefully pushing his glass into place. This one had felt Red’s flame when his unprotected flesh touched the surface of Red’s prison. He sniffed. Ah, of course, Celtic blood -- and a connection already established. Red rolled across his glass in a series of exuberant somersaults, glad to be alive for the first time in ages.

Red's Bower -
Famed violinist Raymond O’Connor came to Flynn’s Bed and Breakfast seeking sanctuary to prepare for an important concert, but a night in Red’s Bower leads to the biggest decision of his life.

“Wait,” said the woman. She turned to face Ray, and he saw that her eyes were bright with an emotion he couldn’t identify. “I really think you should have this gentleman move your things upstairs to the room Maureen prepared for you.” She took a step closer to Ray, glanced toward the deck, and lowered her voice. “This room has a, well, um, a reputation. They say it’s haunted.”

Ray stared at her for a moment, but failed to see the expected glint of laughter in her eyes. He glanced around the room and said, “Ridiculous. This is a perfectly lovely room and I have no intention of racing up and down stairs all day.” He paid the cab driver and sent him on his way.


Faith said...

Woot, for Debbie! Yay!

M.E Ellis said...

Ah, now I proof read this (I write for WCP/FB but also do other stuff!).

GO BUY IT FOLKS! It's a goodun!


LE said...

Great excerpts!